Birds Aren't Real Movement: Fact or Fiction?

Rebecca Holmes, Staff Writer

Is the Birds Aren’t Real Movement fact or fiction? You decide.

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First, let’s start with how this seemingly insane movement came about. From 1953 to 1961, Allen Welsh Dulles, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, was asked to reallocate 65 Billion dollars of public health funds towards the forced extinction of birds. On May 6, 1955 Dulles met with an unidentified man from the Boeing Airplane Company to order 120 B-52 bombers. It is believed that a secret aircraft, used to carry out this order, was constructed in the well-known Area 51 in Nevada.

One of the 23 engineers that worked on this project, Neil Ford, spoke with a founding member of this movement shortly before his death in 1994. Ford spoke about the way in which Dulles searched for the engineers who didn't have families. That way, they would be able to disappear from the map when the project was complete, and nobody would notice.

Once the other 22 remaining engineers made it to Area 51, their task was to create a new version of the B-52 that had 450-gallon water tanks where the bomb compartments once were. After one of the engineers was sent into a coma by Dulles for almost giving up, the other 21 engineers vowed to finish the project so they could leave Area 51 for good.

Sadly, that day would never come. Thirty minutes after they were told, they were free to leave their vehicle was intercepted and they were put in the back of an armored troop transport vehicle. Dulles would later have them kidnapped by the Viet Cong on the front lines of the Vietnam War.

Some changes that the engineers made to the B-52 included replacing the bomb compartments with water tanks and installing a complex system of radar and tracking technology to the nose of the aircraft. They installed this technology so they could track large flocks of birds from 200 miles away, and keep them virtually un-detectable from anything or anyone.

I know you're all probably wondering among other things how'd they kill the birds? Well, they would fill the water tanks with a formulated bird poison that was sprayed at 8,000 feet. Once one bird ingested it, the poison could be passed on to other birds. The poison affected the bone structure of the bird so that within 24 hours the entire bird would have completely decomposed.

Shortly after this on June 14, 1959, the CIA began a project known as "Water the Country". Within the next six years, 72 percent of the bird population was wiped out. This is when the first few bird prototypes were released by the hundreds of thousands.

Up until October 3, 1963 the United States President was never aware of this secret project. However, on October 3, 1963, President John F. Kennedy decided to tap Alvin B. Cleaver's phone, Internal Communications Director for the CIA, after he overheard a conversation referencing the secret project.

During this conversation Cleaver is believed to have said, "We've killed about 1.1 billion so far, and the best thing is, the Robot Birds we've released in their place have done such a good job that nobody even suspects a thing."

After pulling both Dulles and Cleaver into the Oval Office, Kennedy was shows a prototype of the Turkey X500. This machine was a robot that was specialized in killing larger birds like eagles and falcons. After this, Kennedy is believed to objected to this plan, and shortly after he was assassinated.

Members of the Birds Aren't Real Movement believe that Kennedy's assassination is directly associated with his objection to the Turkey X500. They also believe that after this, the CIA began rigging elections to ensure that an anti-bird candidate would win.

All founders and members of the Birds Aren't Real Movement remain anonymous to this day.

If you're finding your interest peaked you can click here to view their website or here to be linked to their YouTube page. Below are links to their social media accounts.