Short story briefs: Gratefulness

Ariona Imel, Staff Writer

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What is something you’re grateful for, but may take for granted on a regular basis?

It’s something such as the gift of life or the air you breathe. Or even the roof over your head, parents who love and care for you and a good paying job. Every day we should express our gratefulness and not take what we have for granted.

We go on with our lives maybe not even stopping to think that everything and everyone was given and at any moment it could be taken away. Thanksgiving is coming up and we’ll start seeing posts about what people are grateful for. But Thanksgiving shouldn’t be the only time that we recognize what we are grateful for. We should take a moment to thank God for everything and everyone who is in our lives.

Having gratitude in your life can be very beneficial and help you have a positive look on life. We’re given so much and yet overlook what we have to be grateful for. Tell those you love how appreciative you are of them. There will be days where we feel like there isn’t anything to be thankful for. There will always be bad days, but we can look up and remember what we do have.

We tend to forget to be grateful for the small things in life, like someone switching your laundry to the dryer or a little note letting you know that someone is thinking about you. Even the small things in life can mean a whole lot to someone else. A small gesture can change someone mood for the best.

There will always be someone who has more than us, but we can’t turn our focus on that. Take a look at yourself and remember that there is someone who won’t get the same opportunities, encouraging friends or a loving family. We may be thankful for what we have but there are always times that we forget to be grateful, and we have to be brought back to humbleness.

To keep a grateful heart, take time in your day and go do something for someone else. Volunteer and spend your Thanksgiving serving the less fortunate, go give your Thanksgiving dinner to a family in need or simply invite someone to spend Thanksgiving at your home. You could participate in a Turkey Trot to help support with local charities, even help out at home and clean up after the meal. 

With that being said, maybe as a resolution, you can take a minute each day and express one thing you are grateful for. It doesn’t seem hard since there is so much that we have. Even in the hard times we always need that small reminder of gratefulness. May even help to keep a gratitude journal so when times get tough or we feel like giving up, we can look back and focus on the good.