National Adoption Day

Meghan Salinas, Lifestyle/Buzz Feed Section Editor

Graphic by: Alicia Silvers

Graphic by: Alicia Silvers

There is nothing quite like adopting a child for the family adopting or the child being adopted. It gives the child a sense of belonging, care and ultimate love and that is something that all children deserve to feel always.

National Adoption Day seeks to raise awareness of more than 117,000 children in foster care waiting for permanent and loving homes. Since existence, this one-day, annual event has made the dreams of nearly 70,000 children come true. What a beautiful significance.

In the year 2017 alone, nearly 5,000 youth in foster care systems were adopted by their forever families as part of National Adoption Day celebrations.

This day usually falls on the Saturday before Thanksgiving every year and for some families this a new addition to the family might be something they’ve been hoping and praying continually for. This year it will be held on Nov. 17, 2018.

Senior, interdisciplinary studies major with components in education and communication, Dori Kelly, was adopted from China when she was one year old was able to tell Vision Online her experience.

Kelly states, “I didn’t have too much trouble when I was little about being adopted. I always grew up knowing that I wasn’t from my adopted mom’s tummy, but I came from my mom’s heart.”

The biggest transition for Kelly was her experiences in high school because she looked different than everybody else. Kelly stated, “What got me through that time were the supportive friends that I had alongside me during those times who accepted me for who I was.” Kelly was at an orphanage and was found on the steps to one of the biggest temples in Beijing surrounded by millions of people knowing that she’d be found.

A thing that God has taught her is that she is known and loved by her Heavenly Father. Although she was adopted she is ultimately thankful that the Lord has provided such an awesome family and friends to walk alongside her journey.

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