Old Christmas traditions and best gifts received

Ariona Imel, Staff Writer

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay.com

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay.com

Christmas time is when family and friends get together to celebrate the birth of Christ. Traditions are made during these happy times, going to grandmas for dinner, you and your 20-year-old cousins still being put at the kids’ table or watching a classic Christmas movie.

Christmas is also of time for giving and receiving gifts and some years you’ll get some pretty unforgettable presents. For me waking up to the smell of cinnamon rolls being made is something we’ve done for years on Christmas morning. Traditions are what make holidays fun, makes celebrating Christmas all the more exciting.

Here are some Christmas traditions from students at North Greenville University.

Raegan Wilson, Sophomore

“So, some traditions that we have are on Christmas Eve we sit down by the fire and my dad reads the Christmas story, then we open presents and we watch a Christmas movie. On Christmas morning after we open gifts we always sit down and eat breakfast casserole, then we go out to see a movie and order takeout pizza,” said Wilson.

“The best Christmas present I received was when I was younger, was our parents surprised us with a trip to Disney,” said Wilson.

Zion Dendy, Sophomore, Broadcast Media Major

“Me and my family meet up at our grandparents every year and exchange gifts/cards. The best gift I’ve ever received as a child was tickets to a Carolina Panthers and Charlotte Hornets game the same day,” says Dendy.

George Case, Junior, Business Administration Major

“Every year, I go to the candle light service at my church and then afterword’s I meet my parents and dad’s brother and family at my dad’s parents house. We have dinner and then open Christmas presents,” said Case. “I got a $10,000 college fund from my grandparents one year, that was the best,” says Case.

Merit Morgan, Sophomore, Broadcast Media Major

“Gathering together as a family for Christmas lunch is my favorite memory,” says Morgan. “Having the chance to go to Colorado for Christmas was the best gift I received,” said Morgan.

Philip Skinner, Senior, Music Major

“Every Christmas Eve we watch It’s a Wonderful life,” said Skinner. “Favorite gift was a set of really nice DeWalt drills,” said Skinner