Christmas gifts at NGU

Vivian Wortkoetter

Students in college love to celebrate Christmas just as much as any other person, though students don’t normally have too much money right now. Thankfully the general store, Einstein’s and the book store is just right around here for you to snag gifts for some friends. This list is perfect if you don’t have a car on campus but you still want to buy a small something.

All photos are courtesy of

All photos are courtesy of

Organic Soap: At the General Store, at the end of an aisle, there’s a bunch of organic soap, lip balms and hand creams that are perfect for the chilly, chapping weather coming soon. The fact that it’s organic makes the gifts even classier and mainstream.


Candy: It’s something most people absolutely indulge on, especially during the stress of exams. Since there’s a high chance of not seeing a friend here on campus right around Christmas time, grab a quick bag full of candy and give it to them right around finals. It’s a go-to gift right at the General Store.

A basket of “school needs”: You could always go to the bookstore here at NGU and buy a few little “back to school” items for the next semester. You could get pencils, notebooks, sticky-notes or any other little supply item that the person may would need. It’s a simple gift that every student will need. It’s hard to go wrong with those easy picks.


Einstein’s Mug: At Einstein’s Bagels, they have a plastic coffee mug that you can buy for the other person to get cheap coffee refills (if that person enjoys coffee). It’s a real nice way for you to help the other person get something a little bit cheaper to save their wallets.

Favorite snacks: If you have a roommate, this is a perfect gift for them if they are always hungry or their fridge is always empty. Stock up on some of their favorite foods and drinks from the general store. Don’t fill your fridge and cabinets up too much because there isn’t much time left of school so you don’t want to waste a load of snacks, just in case. Or maybe you and your roommate will eat all of it before Christmas Break. Either way, props to you guys.