Podcasts for your drive home

Meghan Salinas, Lifestyle/Buzz Feed Section Editor

photo courtesy: pixabay.com

photo courtesy: pixabay.com

Dear College Students,

Just when we thought that podcasts were a thing of the past, here they are again. Thankfully, no one is complaining and they seem to be one of the biggest fads at the moment. Especially when people are on the go often. People are busy and appreciate a good podcast right at their fingertips. For some people, it is their only time to sustain peace and quiet. While others might listen to scripture or sermons through podcasts.

For whatever reason you may listen to podcasts, here are a few that are worth spending your long drive listening to.

1. The Freedom Initiative

This podcasts mission statement is: “Advocating For Hope Against All Odds.” The Freedom Initiative is an organization located in Washington D.C. that aims to highlight tens of thousands of prisoners in Egypt who are falsely accused. According to The Freedom Initiative, “Today at least seven American nationals are unjustly detained on politicized charges in Egypt.” The Freedom Initiative will be marching in D.C. to raise awareness about governance issues within Egypt early in the year.

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2.“For the Love” with Jen Hatmaker Podcast

Author of the book, “For the Love” Hatmaker, has been releasing podcasts that reveals how to practice kindness, grace, truthfulness, vision, and kindness to the community us women have around us. She shares in her “For the Love” podcast this beautiful truth:

“I think this podcast is for the woman who either has this deep, meaningful, and wonderful community around her and she’s celebrating it, or this podcast can be for the woman who is lonely looking for that community.”

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3.“The Young Life” Podcast

Can you actually call yourself an NGU student if you haven’t heard of Young Life before? This podcast gives you a chance to learn and hear from staff that works Young Life camps across the world sharing prayer, scripture, encouragement, and much laughter to go along with it. Some guests on the podcast include: Donna Hatasaki, Ken Tankersley, Veronica Tutaj, and Kristy Fox.

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4. Desiring God “Ask Pastor John” Podcast

Pastor John Piper answers listeners hard-hitting theological and pastoral questions on his podcast series. On the podcast you’re able to view a wide range of Piper’s sermons, podcasts, articles, conference messages, and more. This podcast series is a great way to listen to sermons and messages by one of the most biblically sound theologians. He covers topics like Christian Hedonism, world missions,  pastoral ministry, and sanctification and growth.

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