National Crossword day


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National Crossword Day is on Dec. 21, and that means we can play as many crossword puzzles as we want (if we want to). This day in 1913 was the day that crosswords were first published, and only the sharp played them in their past time. Arthur Wynne first created these when he was 19- years-old, and he personally believed that playing crossword puzzles kept the mind active and healthy.

A fun way to celebrate this day would be to either make a crossword puzzle of your own online or to just play some pre-made puzzles. It’s a great way to start sharpening your brain and to expand your vocabulary. says, “You can even sign up to participate in the competitions that go on around the world, where cruciverbalists around the world compete against each other to complete their crosswords in record time.

These amazing linguists train like Olympic athletes, digging into dictionary after dictionary for the rarest and most obscure words, and doing multiple crosswords a day to ensure they’re at their absolute fighting peak.

Crossword competitions are no joke either, the prizes and competition get very fierce, with competitions occasionally awarding prizes in the thousands of dollars. “

So don’t waste the day—do a crossword.

Make your own puzzle here.

Find various levels of crosswords here.