Short Story Briefs: Social media

Ariona Imel, Staff Writer

Social media, the thing that controls majority of our attention today. When you think of social media and what it is you think of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat. Social media has changed the world we live in today.

Years back people actually had conversations face to face without any distractions. Were we better off without social media? What would our world look like if social media never existed? Social media plays a role in today’s world, and it can benefit or destroy.

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Social Media plays a big role in today’s world. People can barely go a second without checking who liked their post. We now have screen time on our phones so that we can see the ungodly amount of time we spent scrolling through Facebook.

Media has changed the way we look at things; we now don’t even have our own opinions. We like to just follow or believe what others say, instead of thinking for ourselves. We can look back on the past and see how things were so different before social media. 

I honestly would love to live in a world with no social media. It would definitely help the communication issues that we have. We’ve lost touch on how to really communicate with one another.

Now, I’m not saying that everyone’s this way, but a good majority. We’ve relied on looking to social media for acceptance. I don’t want to just focus on all the negative though. Social media has brought some positivity to this world. We’re able to connect with family or friends that we may not see that often. 

We can learn new things by watching videos or reading someone’s experiences. Social media keeps us aware of what is going on, even though a lot of it can be negative. You can build your own brand on social media, people now a days get paid to do tutorials.

You can use social media to help get involved or others to get involved. For most social media plays a big role in their lives, it can help them get their company name out or help others hear important news. Social media is always going to have a role in someone’s life; it’s just the way it is in today’s world. And whether you think social media is just a bragging platform, it is so much more than we know.

Social media is just something that’s always going to be there, and I personally think that it does more good than it does bad. Just think of all the things you wouldn’t know if social media wasn’t around. Even small things like reminding you of a family member’s birthday or that family get together you dread every year.

Take time to put your phone away and just have a day where you aren’t mindlessly scrolling through Pinterest or adding to your shopping cart. It will do you some good to take a break, even if it’s only an hour or two.