Weighing the options: new phones for your Christmas list

Lane Koch, Staff Writer

Christmas is just around the corner and while you may be looking at presents for your friends and family—it doesn’t hurt to buy some things for yourself. The best, and arguably most important, purchase you can make this year is a new phone.

Buying a new phone can be tricky. You need to cater the features to your life. Color, size, camera quality, battery life, compatibility with other devices; all of which matter to your satisfaction. With that in mind here are phones you might want to look at:


Flagship: iPhone XS

64GB: $999

OLED screen display

7-nanometer A12 Bionic processor

5.8 inch screen (max: 6.5 inches)

Glass back for wireless charging

The iPhone XS/XS max is the top phone for apple right now. The phone XS is impressive. Crystal clear OLED screens make it easy on the eye and with the max 6.5 inch screen, you pretty much have a hand held plasma TV 7-nanometer processor means this phone is leaps and bounds above any phone currently on the market. The camera contains SmartHDR which means more exposure for each picture and nonexistent lag time. It even allows you to change the depth of field post shot.

However, many people have issues with the new interface for the phone. Navigation changes can be frustrating for those familiar with the default settings.

Economy: iPhone 8  

64GB: $599

4.7 inch screen

True Tone Display

A11 Bionic Processor  

3D touch

Multiple language and character display

While the XS is Apple’s phone to beat, for those not looking to spend a grand on a phone, the iPhone 8 is an economic alternative. The phone contains many new features that cant be beat by the older models without the screen to edge display.


Flagship: Samsung Galaxy Note 9

128GB- $999

S Pen stylus with bluetooth capabilities

6.3 inches with edge corners

Fingerprint sensor

This phone is top of the line for Samsung.  The stylus is the feature that sticks out and makes this phone appealing. It’s bluetooth capabilities allow for navigation through and in apps at a distance from the phone. Essentially you can scroll, taps, and adjust without even touching your device. The phone also only offers 128 and 512GB specs.

Economy: Samsung Galaxy S8

64GB- $599

Screen to edge display

Face scanner

Iris security scanner

Wireless charging

The Galaxy S8 appeal is its appearance the curved screen to edge allows for smooth navigation and fits well in hand. Glass front and back allow for wireless charging. The downside is the new display tacked on with various display issues. If you do purchase this phone, invest in a good phone case.

Releases to look out for:

Do you ever miss the feeling of hanging up on someone by slamming your phone shut?  Well. everything comes back around. Samsung is promoting a release for a fold-able smartphone. Don’t get too excited though. Prices for this model re expected to be astronomical.