Can you ID these celebrity twins?

Ariona Imel, Staff Writer and Luke Kingsbury, Graphic Designer

Photo courtesy of Luke Kingsbury

Photo courtesy of Luke Kingsbury

There are several celebrity twins that have come and go in Hollywood. Can you guess which duo is which based on their descriptions below?

1.    These sisters were first known for their part in Full House. They also had a series of movie collections that they starred in throughout their lives. They have blonde hair and blue eyes and have similar facial features. However, you can now tell them apart. One is married and the other isn't. Currently, both of them are pursuing their career in fashion design.

2.    One of these brothers stars as a marvel superhero and the other is a well-known actor. And if you didn’t know they aren’t actually twins, they both just really resemble one another. One is tall and has semi-long hair and the other has brown normal length.

3.    These twins are known for being on Vine and now making weekly YouTube videos. One of them is 20 minutes older than the other, they are 18 years old. They are well known for their dark and handsome looks. One has a birthmark on his cheek and next to his eye while the other has a birthmark on his chin.

4.    These brothers are well known Disney stars from the early 2000s to 2008. You might remember seeing them star with Adam Sandler in, “Big Daddy”. One of them is now playing one of the major roles in Riverdale.

5.   These brothers were born as identical twins but one of them was born July 31 and the other was born seven minutes later on August 1. Most of you will recognize them from Teen Wolf. They both are about the same height and they have blonde hair. They pretty much have the same facial features and have been in almost all the same shows and movies together.

Answers: 1. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, 2. Luke and Chris Hemsworth, 3. Ethan and Grayson Dolan, 4. Cole and Dylan Sprouse, 5. Charlie and Max Carver