'Prince Caspian' makes a triumphant return to the Logos Theatre

Rebecca Holmes, Staff Writer

Picture courtesy of Unsplash.com

Picture courtesy of Unsplash.com

Are you a huge "Chronicles of Narnia" fan? Does your heart skip a beat when you hear someone utter the name Aslan? If the person I'm describing is you, then you'd better hold on to your bow and arrows because this is about to get exciting.

'Prince Caspian' is emerging as an epic play production at Logos Theatre. It's a production that continues to look into the lives of the Pevensie children. This production follows the children on an unforgettable journey filled with thrills and adventure.

This play gives the audience an inside look on dwarves, kings, talking animals and other mystical creatures. 'Prince Caspian' transcends the audience from a mundane reality to a transformed reality of honor, warfare and love.

'Prince Caspian' is enough to make your imagination run rampant. Fans are giving it five stars. It is said that 'Prince Caspian' is an amazing production. It's also getting high compliments for its amazingly accurate production set. 

Fan of the production, Robin Neyers said, "We've been theatre fans and performers for over 30 years. This is one of the best performances we've ever seen." This production of 'Prince Caspian' truly has fans raving.

Fans, Tom and Tricia Dyar said, "There aren't enough superlatives to describe how impressed we were after seeing the production of Prince Caspian on Saturday night. We came with a fresh sense of appreciation for what the beautiful craft of theatre should be." Dyars went on to sat that the talent displayed through this show was worthy of far bigger stages, from actors to crew, from scripting to staging.

The Logos Theatre located in Taylors, S.C. has just recently debuted a three month return production of 'Prince Caspian'. For more information on showtimes and ticket prices, visit Logos Theatre's website.

In the words of theatre fan, Christina Emptage, "Prince Caspian will blow you away."