Disagreements aside, bridging the divide

Adam Kelly, Assistant Editor

Volume 4, Issue 1 of the Vision magazine

Volume 4, Issue 1 of the Vision magazine

Discussion of the news is constantly pushed aside in fear of causing conflict or offending someone. Although it doesn’t happen often, common ground can be formed, even under the heap of touchy subjects. In a world that regularly broadcasts chaos and confusion, students of North Greenville University set out to cover what everyone else doesn’t: unity and understanding.

Every semester, students create a new version of the Vision magazine by reporting on stories of various topics and creating graphics to go with each one. Although each issue of the Vision covers a diverse set of stories, they are all woven into a central theme decided on by the editor- in-chief and artistic director.

The 2017-2018 semester’s leaders are senior print media major, Victoria Pujdak, and senior print media major, Emily Artus. Pujdak serves as the Vision’s editor-in-chief while Artus handles the artistic direction for each volume. After coming up with a theme, the editor-in-chief comes up with stories to distribute to writers. The artistic director formulates a design aesthetic for the magazine while leading other graphic designers on how to create the layout.

Pujdak came up with the theme for the fall issue of the Vision: Bridging the Gap. She had the idea during her summer last year, interning in Dublin, Ireland.

“I went to a food festival where I had dinner with a huge group of people. I thought about how cultures are so different and how we should celebrate different ones. We are a melting pot, and we have so much to learn from each other,” Pujdak said.

This semester’s issue of the Vision revolves around diversity and culture and the staff hopes to convey this message to readers. Pujdak and Artus also discussed what article they were most excited about.  

Artus said, “One of our writers, Carson Myers, covered a story on food from different cultures. There are recipe cards included which were created by one of our designers, Kaleb Collum.”

“For me, it was shining a light on the LGBT community. I have a lot of friends in the community, and I’ve had people ask me why I’m friends with them. I believe that we are taught to love them and that everyone has a gift instilled by God. It was a personal and important issue to me, and I was excited to create a bridge between the LGBT and Christian communities” said Pujdak.

Pujdak also went on to say that she “wanted other people to have answers to the questions I had.”

Although the idea came easy for the staff of the Vision, they had to figure out how to bring their ideas together. Throughout the semester, Pujdak and Artus had to create everything with the same slant and fit it all together like a puzzle piece.

Despite the difficulties, Pujdak and Artus had a good time doing it together.

“When you’re working with your best friend whose personality contrasts yours, you learn a lot about each other and how to make things work” Artus added.

The staff for the Vision magazine is excited to bring a personal and uplifting message to the public and are releasing the issue this week. You can find a copy around campus under ‘the Vision Magazine’ signs.