10 apps to aid you for your major

Adam Kelly, Assistant Editor

Courtesy of unsplash.com

Courtesy of unsplash.com

As mid-terms approach, it becomes increasingly hard to stay focused and finish your work when your phone is sitting next to your notebook, waiting to be turned on to distract you. Don’t worry. Even though our devices can be used against us, they can also aid us in our studies.

Instead of checking Instagram every five minutes rather than writing the paper that’s due tomorrow, download one of these apps to help you finish your work. Each app is tailored to a specific major, so read and see which ones will benefit you the most.

1. iDisciple (Major: Christian Studies)

This app applies to any Christian who wants to delve more into the Word, but could be especially helpful for Christian studies majors searching for inspiration for their 10-page paper for PTRW due tomorrow.  

2. Babylon (Major: Spanish, any language major)

If you’re planning to major in a foreign language, Babylon is here to help. The app has over 1,500 glossaries in 75 languages, so you will never have trouble finding a translation for a confusing project or presentation.  

3. EasyBib (Major: English, Christian Studies)

You’ve probably heard of the website that easily cites information for you when writing a paper. They have an app for it as well. EasyBib will help you with any class that requires you to write several papers. It can generate citations in MLA, APA and Chicago format.  All you have to do is scan the barcode of the book you’re citing. This gives you less of an excuse to put off that paper.

4. StudyBlue Flashcards (Major: Biology, Health Science, History)

This app can apply to any major, but will help majors that face term-intensive exams. Similar to Quizlet, this app allows you to quickly create flashcards to memorize information. You can include text, pictures and audio to the flashcards to help retain knowledge. If another user has made flashcards on the same subject you’re studying, you can save even more time and use theirs.  

5. Pocket First Aid and CPR (Major: Elementary Education, Early Childhood, Health Science)

People may question you when they see this app on your phone, but it could be useful in dire situations that may come up. The app includes basic instructions on CPR as well as video tutorials and illustrations to ensure that you’re doing it correctly.

6. RealCalc Scientific Calculator (Major: any math or science major)

If calculating problems didn’t end with probability and statistics for you back in high school, this app is extremely useful if you don’t want to purchase an actual calculator. More features are available with the premium version, but $3.49 is comparable to the price you would pay for a TI-84.

7.  Tenuto (Major: Music)

For any music majors looking for extra practice outside the classroom, look no further. Tenuto has over 10 exercises designed to boost your musicality. From note and interval identification to interval ear training, you will always be improving your skills with this app.

8. Cairn (Major: Outdoor Leadership)

If you’re planning on taking a group of people on a hike, this app is perfect in case an emergency occurs. Using cellphones registered with the app, Cairn provides a network that shows where you’ll most likely have cell phone service. You can also create an emergency contact and set a time for your hike of when you expect to return. If you don’t check back in by that time, the app automatically alerts the emergency contact.

9. GenieLux (Major: Theatre)

For future productions being put on at your school, this app can help with setting the stage. It allows you to find production gear for your audio, video and lighting needs. It also uses your GPS to show you vendors that are currently selling the equipment you need.

10. Adobe Premiere Clip/Photoshop/Lightroom (Major: Mass Communication)

Most mass communication majors have these applications to their disposal on computers, but Adobe has released them on the app store as well. Now you can edit photos and videos with a touch of a button from your phone and share them anywhere. Editing and posting pictures of your food to Instagram has never been easier.