Trend alert: E-Bikes

Madison Giles, Staff Writer


E-Bicycles have become a huge trend over the recent years. Even though these new bicycles are electric, they still count as exercise. Many bicyclists are using E-Bikes when riding along the roads or in cities. E-Bikes are beneficial for affordability, health benefits, saving money and eco-friendly advantages.

One feature of the E-Bikes is speed. Many E-Bikes can reach speeds up to 30mph. This means that E-Bikes could travel on bike paths and sidewalks at a higher speed than traditional bikes. Riding an E-Bike requires the bicyclist to either pedal or trigger the throttle for the electric motor to give power to the wheels. The speed is fully dependent on how hard someone is pedaling or if the throttle had been pulled.

Currently most E-Bike range in price between $1,000 and $3,000. Some high-end model e-bikes cost more than $5,000. However, the prices of E-Bikes are beginning to decrease. Many companies offer places where you could rent e-bikes for affordable prices for a certain amount of time, often in cities.

Even though E-Bikes are electric, they are still considered exercise. E-Bikes have healthy benefits by improving cardiovascular health, fitness and aerobic capacity. E-Bikes can be used to workout at any time.

E-Bikes are great for transportation. Some E-Bikes can travel 18-60 miles for every charge. One perk of having an E-Bike is you can charge the bike anywhere you can find an outlet. Some e-bikes have removable batteries, which makes it easy to charge your E-Bike in most places.

E-Bikes are a more efficient way of travel that doesn’t pollute the earth with gases like cars typically do. E-Bikes would be an eco-friendlier way to get where you need to go. In the long run, traveling by E-Bike could save you money that you would normally spend on gas for your car.

E-Bikes offer many great benefits for health, efficient travel, eco-friendly and costs. E-Bikes are a great investment for college students or for short travel.