The Harbor

Ariona Imel, Staff Writer

When attending NGU, you get to experience hearing various campus band groups during chapel. Each band brings a different tune of worship, whether it’s just a piano and singer, or a guitar and drums. But with each band, we get to worship as a family and praise God with our voices.

Photo courtesy of Morgan Bryant 

Photo courtesy of Morgan Bryant 

When asked what the band, ‘the Harbor’ is about ,Morgan Bryant said, “We want it to be a place where college students could find refuge and be able to feel at home and leave their problems at the door.” The band consists of multiple people: Scott Beardsley, Morgan Bryant, Christian Tucker, Collin Hall and Joshua Bishop.

When asked how the band got started, Bryant responded with, “Scott Beardsley started the band with two of his friends, Hanna and Miranda, in their living room, soon after more and more people kept coming. After a year, they decided to name themselves and become a band .”

As for the band’s name its “a place where vessels find shelter, a safe place for people to come and worship God.” When coming to worship with classmates, you know it's a safe environment and you can worship in your own way. Not everyone is going to have the same way of worship, and that's okay. As for the band, they want to create music for people to enjoy and listen to.