Appraisals: Ike to-do list

Adam Kelly, Assistant Editor

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From social media to games, students use apps daily whether it induces productivity or distractions. In this new and weekly installment, ‘Appraisals’ reviews an app recommended by the writer and why the reader should download it. This week’s app is Ike: To-Do List, Task List.

For students in need of an app to handle everyday tasks, Ike is perfect for anyone who struggles with completing everything they need to do.

The app is named and modeled after President Eisenhower’s decision matrix, which is used to determine what tasks need to get done first. In other words, it helps distinguish what is important and not important and what is urgent and not urgent.

The matrix is divided into four quadrants, each labeled according to important and urgency. Quadrant one is most important/urgent, quadrant two is not important/urgent, quadrant three is urgent/not important and quadrant four is not important/not urgent.

Using these four quadrants, users can decide which tasks best fit in which box. Quadrant one tasks consist of deadlines while quadrant two should have less important deadlines included. Quadrant three entails tasks that are important but are treated as interruptions like phone calls. Quadrant four consists of distractions that don’t further your progress at all.

After figuring out what quadrants your tasks should go, Ike makes it easier by providing users with due dates and location reminders. Once a task is complete, the app has a smooth gesture to show completion.

The app is free, but for $1.99, users can unlock all color themes for your tasks, customizable widgets, multiple reminders for each task and the inclusion of image and audio recordings for all tasks.

As a student with a full schedule, I have been looking for an app that can manage all of the tasks I need to get done. After trying several different apps, I have enjoyed and gotten the most out of Ike.

Its clean design and easy navigation allow me to get everything done while setting weekly and monthly goals to follow as well. The colorful themes and multiple reminders ensure that I complete each task without seeing the notification and swiping it off my home screen.

Ike is a colorful and easy-to-use app for users looking to prioritize their tasks and maximize productivity. You can get the app from the Google Play Store.

“What is important is seldom-urgent, and what is urgent is seldom-important.” –Dwight D. Eisenhower.