Nintendo Labo first look

Ariona Imel, Staff Writer

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All Nintendo players are on the edge of their seats for the release of this product, the Nintendo Labo. So what you might be asking yourselves is, what is this Nintendo Labo? And what does it do?

Well, it’s a piece of cardboard…yes, a piece of cardboard. But, there’s more. It is an extension for the Nintendo switch. It comes in a kit with pre-made cardboard cut-outs that can connect with the Nintendo switch.

There are two Labo kits, Variety kit and Robot Kit. Variety kit has five separate Toy-Cons and costs $69.99 while the Robot kit costs $79.99. The Robot kit comes with a variety of pieces that when you put them together, they make some sort of a robotic toy. And for the Variety kit, you can make anything from a race car, to a fishing rod.

With the cutouts, they can be made into “Toy-Cons” that can communicate with the Nintendo software. With this product, it allows you to create anything from a piano, to a moving cardboard robot. Looking at preview videos, it looks as if whatever you dream of, you can build it.

The new software is coming with a feature called “Toy-Con Garage” which allows Nintendo users to create their own designs for Toy-Cons. The Nintendo Labo was first announced in January 2018. This unique device will be released sometime in April 2018.