APPraisals: Polarr, photo editing made easy

Taylor Deaton, Staff Writer 

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Society thrives when it comes to social media and picture filters.

The tiny square boxes on our phones known as apps make for very hassle-free organization of our social lives, while giving us easy access for finding information. They also provide a more convenient way of going about daily activities.

Along with the importance of apps, social media has captured much of society’s attention. Uploading pictures on various sites is a common way to keep friends and family updated on what goes on in our lives, but they have heavily been linked to the stigma that pictures cannot be posted without a filter. This is where the fun world of picture-editing apps comes into focus.

Polarr Photo Editor is an app made for doing exactly as its title gives away, which is editing photos. The extremely innovative app is used by photographers for all kinds of picture editing purposes.

Developed by Polarr, Inc., the app goes far beyond just putting filters on photos. As written by the developers of Polarr in the Apple App Store, the app “offers advanced auto-enhance tools and sophisticated filters to edit every detail of your photo.”

This resonates very clearly with picture fanatics, social media addicts and especially Instagram followers.

For many, editing can be a fun way to express creativity, which is exactly what Polarr is offering.

The app is available in a free version and a pro version. The developers want to stress that it is an app for everyone, not just professional photographers.

The free version of Polarr offers over 100 premium filters, along with a variety of editing options. It is an ideal way of making any type of picture look professional.

If the pre-made filters are not suitable, the app also makes it possible to customize personal filters and use them on any picture.

A majority of the Apple community seems to enjoy using Polarr and all of its features, as the app currently has 4.8/5 stars in the Apple App Store.

The App Store Editiors’ Notes for Polarr state that “plenty of photo-editing apps come with filters, but Polarr can help you create your own.” The notes go on to say that, “…it’s simple to tweak your images to get the perfect balance of color and light,” in reference to taking advantage of the app’s free features.

App store user CristinaDiem, who gave Polarr five stars in the Apple App Store, wrote that, “This app turned out to be amazing and even with the little options it has with the free version I was still able to make a drastic change to the pictures that needed editing.”

In November of 2017, Apple store user MJCarnahan wrote that Polarr “doesn’t crash, is compatible with Windows and Mac, and simplistic (yet) effective for someone without any photo editing knowledge.” MJCarnahan also stated that they would “be surprised if there is a better app out there than [Polarr].”

Polarr is currently available on iOS, Android and has a desktop version. The features and filters make for simple picture editing that give beautiful finishes to amateur and professional photos.