Taking a trip down awkward avenue

Rebecca Holmes, Associate Writer

Have you ever had a moment in your life when you felt extremely awkward? If you just said no, then you must be extraordinarily blessed because in my experience, awkward embarrassment effects everyone. Being awkward has become so popular that it's even earned national recognition. National Awkward Moments day is coming up on March 18. Keep reading to find out some of NGU's faculty and student's most embarrassing moments.



Gwen Watson said, "My most awkward moment would be the time that I went into the wrong bathroom at a restaurant while I was out eating with my family. Not only did I go into the men's room, but I also argued with a man that came in behind me. I was certain that he was most definitely in the wrong bathroom, but he showed me the symbol on the door and I felt mortified."


Emily Faulkenberry, NGU senior, said, "I unknowingly sat in marshmallow at lunch this week at school then proceeded to teach my fifth graders with marshmallow on the seat of my pants."


Biology major, David Balles, said, "One of the most awkward moments I remember in my life was when I got disciplined over at one of my friend's house. I kept nagging my mom about something that I wanted and she kept saying no. Eventually she got mad and told me, "If you don't stop nagging me, I'm gonna beat you here in front of all your friends!" Being young and ignorant, I didn't exactly listen. I kept nagging her and she eventually just went off on me and tore me a new one right in front of my friends. Needless to say, I learned my lesson because after that, my friends would mess with me about it and we would go back and forth getting into childish fights about it."

Rachel Buko, NGU junior, said, "I was giving a speech in front of my class when I was in high school and I had to say success, but instead it came out as succsex."

Marketing major, Michael Miller, said, "I was giving a presentation that required me to have four points. Halfway through my presentation I forgot my points so I asked a student if they remembered, which they did."

Jazmyne Boozer, NGU sophomore, said, "It was freshman year and I was meeting my suite mates for the first time when they decided to barge into my room. When they came in they caught me painting my pet rock and attaching googly eyes to it."

Don't forget to take a proud walk down awkward avenue on March 18. Life is more fun with you embrace the awkward and roll with the weirdness!