Humans of NGU: Braxton Minter


Madi Estela, Contributing Writer

Commuter. Athlete. Heavy sleeper. Braxton Newell Minter is a junior at NGU and has been a commuter throughout his whole college career.

Taking naps in the student center booths has become a survival skill Minter has grown to master. Living 20 to 30 minutes away, Minter is close enough to live off campus but those inevitable events of class cancelations and long breaks, leave him with some time to kill.

Life as a commuter does have its struggles but it has its highlights as well. Minter said, "My opinion is that communing is just fine. It depends on the individual… School in a sense is my job. I come to work every day and I go home. It gives me the break, which is needed."

A much-needed break, indeed, since Minter has chosen to take on more than your average NGU student. After experiencing different academic departments at NGU, he has chosen to pursue a Bachelors of Health Science on the health promotion and education track.

"It gives options and I love options. Variety spices life," Minter said.

His previous exploration in majors includes the Interdisciplinary Studies department. In his time there Minter explains, "I've always been interdisciplinary… being resourceful, being able to pull and actually apply all of your knowledge, that is wisdom."

It is this respect for knowledge and multidiscipline way of thinking that has lead this commuter to also take on the responsibility of being in the Life Answers team at North Greenville University. Currently, they have been very active in their outings. Every weekend Minter has devoted to being ready to jump on the bus and go wherever they were needed to spread the gospel through apologetics.

So next time you see a commuter taking a nap on a couch in the student center, remember to please keep it down for nomads need their rest, too.