UPDATE: Are we still getting that Chick-fil-A or nah?

Jazmyne Boozer, Assistant Editor

Photo Courtesy: The Vision

Photo Courtesy: The Vision

Chick-fil-A goes by many names on this campus: CFA, Christian chicken and God's gift to humanity are some examples. Either way, there is not a living soul on this campus that is not excited about Chick-fil-A entering our lives. 

North Greenville University recently announced that Chick-fil-A will be coming soon to our campus. With the contract finalized and the menu in tow, it seems like this is actually happening. The new chicken restaurant will be taking the place of the '63-'64 Grill in the student center.   

This being stated, there are still a multitude of unanswered questions: When will one have access to this delicious chicken? Is the Grill being moved to a new location? How soon is "soon?" And most importantly, will it be a meal equal?  

According to the vice president of business affairs, Michelle Sabou, construction will begin immediately after graduation in May. Sorry seniors. Students can expect an array of menu options much like what they would find at a community Chick-fil-A. Deluxe chicken sandwiches, CFA nuggets and Grilled Chicken for the healthy people will be offered.

Students may also enjoy salads and wraps. You may then top off your binge with a dessert. Desserts include a chocolate chunk cookie, milkshakes, the patented CFA frosted lemonade and lastly, the ice dream cup.  

Photo Courtesy of: Michelle Sabou  *Menu is not finalized

Photo Courtesy of: Michelle Sabou

*Menu is not finalized

So, what is going to happen to the '63-'64 Grill? Well, it's being canned. Student should enjoy the diversity of  the Grill this semester because it will be completely replaced by the new Chick-fil-A. That means meal equals for the Grill will be null and void. Contrary to popular rumor, the Grill will not be moved to a different location either. Since Sept. 2005, the Grill has offered students a variety of meals and food options. As it reaches its lucky 13 year; it will be torn down. 

With the new Christian chicken restaurant replacing the grill; students want to know if they will be forced to hash-out precious crusader bucks for each meal. The answer is a resounding...maybe.  

"At this time, the meal equivalency has not been finalized, but it usually includes a couple of their most popular meals," Sabou stated.  

It seems like students may have a limited meal option plan which certain items or meals are covered by meal equivalency and others are not.  This would resemble how the Grill operated.  

Lastly, like all Chick-fil-A restaurants, it shall be closed on Sundays.