Douglas Gresham speaks at NGU’s Christian Worldview Week

Lauren Dibble, Staff Writer

Photo Courtesy of: Mary Erny

Photo Courtesy of: Mary Erny

Douglas Gresham, stepson of the late C. S. Lewis, spoke at North Greenville University Monday, March 12, 2018 for the Christian Worldview conference.

In two separate sessions, Gresham spoke about his stepfather’s legacy and ministry in the books he wrote throughout his lifetime. He also answered questions on what it was like growing up around Lewis.

Gresham has dedicated a large portion of his life and career to making sure Lewis’ legacy stays alive. He has worked as a technical adviser and co-producer for “The Chronicles of Narnia” movies, as well as working as a record producer and voice-over actor.

While most know his stepfather as C. S. Lewis, Gresham has referred to him as “Jack” since Lewis married Gresham’s mother. Gresham said, “There’s so much about Jack’s work that shows us so much and that teaches us so much, even in his fiction… Jack’s teachings enormously illuminate Christianity.”

During the question and answer session with Paul McCusker, Gresham stated that he feels it’s his responsibility to keep Lewis’ works alive. He also credits everything he does back to Christ. “Whatever good that’s in me is due to Jesus… I’ve committed my life, everything I am and everything I do to Christ,” Gresham said.

He shared part of his story by talking about his mother’s diagnosis of terminal cancer and how she died when he was 14 years old. Within the next two years, his father and Lewis also died. Gresham still used this to point back to Christ by stating, “Everything in your life can go wrong, but at the last minute, if you belong to Christ, death works backwards.”

Gresham spent part of his speech to specifically grab the attention of NGU students. He said, “The future of the world in which you live depends on you, everything you say and do must reflect that Jesus is the one who runs your life… When you come to a college like this, you have not come to get an education, you have come here to learn how to get an education and what to do with it.”