Film facts or fiction?

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Adam Kelly, Assistant Editor

Every year, the biggest names in Hollywood come together to honor the actors and actresses nominated for their performance in a particular film from the previous year. Now that the Oscars and Golden Globe Awards are over, it’s time for a new batch of movies to hit the screens this year to be viewed and critiqued for next year’s awards.

This year, there are several sequels and remakes people anticipate to be huge box office successes. If a prominent actor or actress is starring in the film, its popularity will grow even bigger. As a film gains traction, rumors and scandals surface to try and get more people interested, despite how authentic they are.

Along with rumors come fun facts for fans to read before the release of the movie. From facts to fiction, check out these rumors and fun facts for some of the most anticipated movies of 2018.

1.  RUMOR: Captain America’s death (Avengers: infinity War)

This rumor has spread across the internet for years, as fans speculate who will die in the upcoming movie. As the third installment of the Avengers movies, there has been a build-up to the battle of the century between Thanos: the Mad Titan.

Marvel is known to bring characters back from the dead because of their family themed movies, but this battle will be the heroes’ biggest yet. This is why fans suspect that someone will die, and the most popular rumor is Captain America.

His character has gone through a lot over the past few years, so it’s possible his legacy could be passed down to the Winter Soldier (played by Sebastian Stan). Since there is a part two to Infinity War, his death may not be seen until its release, but there is no confirmation so fans will have to wait and see.

2. FACT: A new superhero will appear (The Incredibles 2)

There are several speculations about the long awaited Disney sequel, but one fact that has been confirmed is that there will be a new superhero joining alongside the Parr family. The new character’s name is Voyd, (voiced by Sophia Bush) and it is said that she is a huge fan of Elastigirl. Nothing else is known, but it will be refreshing to see a new face in the next installment of the beloved franchise.

3. RUMOR: Mary Poppins attraction to be added at Epcot (Mary Poppins Returns)

Although not directly related to the upcoming sequel, it is proof that Disney wants to invest more into the motion picture. Disney is always looking to update their attractions based on their new movies and TV shows, and “Mary Poppins” is next on their list. Planned to release this Christmas with Emily Blunt taking the role of Poppins, there is a rumor that a new ride will be built in the United Kingdom sector of Epcot. As of now, there is little known about “Mary Poppins Returns," but it should do well in theatres as the previous movie is cherished by Disney fans. 

4. FACT:  The movie is set in the future (Christopher Robin)

Similar to “Mary Poppins Returns,” there isn’t a lot of information released on the Winnie the Pooh sequel. A teaser trailer was released at the beginning of March, and we do know that it will be set in the future indicated by an adult Christopher Robin. From Tigger to Eeyore, the movie will feature all of the characters you know and love from the Hundred Acre Woods. The film will be a huge throwback for fans that grew up with these characters.

5. RUMOR: Dr. Poison’s return in the sequel (Wonder Woman 2)

The highly acclaimed DC installment is already in production for the sequel, set for release Nov. 1, 2019. There will be plenty of information released in the upcoming year, but there have been rumors of the return of the previous villain from the first “Wonder Woman,” Dr. Poison. She made it out alive in the first film, so it is possible for her to come back and enact vengeance. This may be unlikely though because it has already been confirmed that Kristen Wiig will be playing another villain named Cheetah. As the release date gets closer though, fans will get more confirmation and news about the sequel starring Gal Gadot.