Humans of NGU: Austin Dobbs

Ariona Imel, Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of Austin Dobbs

Photo courtesy of Austin Dobbs

Coming from a family of four, Austin Dobbs is the oldest of his siblings. He was born six weeks early on February 23, 1998. He moved from Winston-Salem, N.C. to Westminster, S.C. in 2013. He attended and graduated from West Oak High School during his senior year there.

In his high school years, he wrestled for three years, attaining a letter and was team captain during his senior year. He also joined track and field for one year and earned himself another letter. He threw shot put and discus and did the 100-meter 4x4 during his track and field years.

He chose to attend North Greenville University because it offered him a fresh start. It also offered him scholarships due to his overall high GPA in high school. He received scholarships for his excellent ACT score in high school. Currently, Dobbs is a sophomore and a secondary social studies education major. He is not doing any extracurricular activities, but enjoys working out weekly at the gym.

While wrestling, Dobbs said, "You will get hit a lot in the ears, so when that happens, blood vessels will break and will clot. If you don’t get it taken care of, you will get something called 'cauliflower ear.' That’s when the cartilage separates, and a formation of fibrous tissue overlaps the ear." That happened to him, so if you see him you will notice that his right ear is deformed.

When he graduates, he hopes to apply at a high school so he can pursue his career and teach a high school class. If that all works out, he'll stay here for four years, but isn't sure yet if South Carolina will be his permanent home.