Humans of NGU: DeAndra Watkins, Behind the Curtain

Wyatt Duncan, Contributing Writer


While some people see DeAndra Watkins as the hilarious Theatre major from NGU’s Improv team, Required Chaos, she is so much more than just a talented actress.

Theater is something that is very important to Watkins, and she speaks of how much the theater has influenced her and those around her. “Theatre is a place where people can run to, and be expressive,” She says. “We challenge people, and ourselves, to think and to grow in a way that is different from other careers.”

Apart from influencing the audience, Watkins explains that she “really love[s] storytelling” and “being able to be a voice for other people.”

Watkins says that her list of choices for college was relatively short. “North Greenville was not my first choice,” Watkins continues. “Originally, I had wanted to go to an acting school in Hollywood, but there were many factors that prohibited me from doing that.” Watkins says that the decision was narrowed to North Greenville University and Liberty University. She committed it to prayer and came to the conclusion that God wanted her to attend NGU. “I didn’t even apply to Liberty” she says.

Like many actors, Watkins knows there are specific roles and jobs that she may not want to accept as an actress and a Christian. “I believe that we’re all sinners and so I don’t feel like I would deny a role, like an atheist, on stage. When it comes to sharing the gospel on stage, you have to involve aspects of life. I would accept roles that don’t reflect who I am as an individual. I have certain things that I wouldn’t do on stage, but if it’s a challenging role, I pray about it.”

Watkins tells of needing somewhere to run, somewhere to express herself in a safe place. “I fell in with theater,” she says. “I learned that we all struggle and that we’re all relatable. I liked fining relatability in another person.”

“In theater, I find confidence,” Watkins says. “I learn that decisions must be made with confidence, and that that confidence opens new opportunities in the theater industry.”

Watkins says that she wants to pursue a career in on-camera acting, but that she would never abandon her roots on the stage. Her faith and her roots on stage make her a strong individual who thrives off of telling stories to those who need to see them.