Humans of NGU: Joelle White, Aspiring World Changer

Hannah Hurst, Contributing Writer

Joelle White poses in front of a globe in the library.

Joelle White poses in front of a globe in the library.

Joelle White, a sophomore Intercultural Studies student, has big plans for her future. While most college students admittedly struggle to answer the question “What do you want to do after you graduate?”, White can answer with ease, radiating her confidence in God’s plan for her future.

White explained that the source of her inspiration for her future career came from her Grandfather’s trip to Brazil. One time a missionary friend returned with her grandfather to South Carolina to talk with White’s family about his experiences living in Brazil. After meeting him, at eight years old, White thought to herself, “I really want to be a missionary.”

Since that moment, White has devoted her time to studying the Bible and learning how to make intentional relationships with other people. White admitted that growing up with six other siblings undoubtedly helped her develop a cheerful and outgoing personality.

Not only does she know what she wants to do with her life after college, but she already has a head start.

White’s parents homeschooled her for all of her life, allowing her to work ahead in academics; which is why White is one of the few 18 year old sophomore students at NGU. Yet, White juggles her schedule efficiently, spending time studying in the library, playing on an intramural basketball team, working as a Campus Ambassador, enjoying time outdoors and hanging out in the game room with friends playing ping-pong.

Although White has lived in the same town for the majority of her life, she is not letting that stop her from moving anywhere in the future to follow God’s direction. After she graduates, White has several plans set in place. White said she could pursue a position with a pastor in New Orleans, La. working at the Healing Center, an internship with Samaritan's Purse or a Camp Counselor position in North Carolina.