Humans of NGU: Katelyn Carter


Courtney Chestnut, Contributing Writer 

For Katelyn Carter, music is a creative outlet that has been part of her life for many years.  She is a face that is seen on the BCM stage, but also in the stairwells late at night strumming her guitar.

At the age of 8, Carter started guitar lessons but gave up after a few weeks. At 13 she decided to try again and this time she was successful, and she has been playing ever since. Carter has written and co-written several songs and would love to pursue a career in music, given the opportunity.

Carter is proficient in playing the acoustic guitar, but she can also play several other instruments such as bass, piano, mandolin, ukulele and banjo. Staying in practice can be difficult for a full-time student like Carter. She says “Playing for fun is my practice.” She plays for stress relief and also challenges herself to learn new skills and techniques by watching and learning from other people.

She originally started out singing with the Joyful Sound group on campus, but quickly realized that she wasn’t meant for singing. She was introduced to the BCM worship leader and became plugged in with the band.

Her favorite style of music to play is constantly changing, and depends on what instrument she is playing. She enjoys playing difficult acoustic pieces, but currently she is focusing playing a lot of jazz music on the piano. “My favorite music to listen to is literally like every genre,” Carter explains.

She is currently studying to receive a degree in business and plans to graduate from North Greenville University in 2021. “I am a business major so I kind of went the safer rout with that so I know I’ll probably have a secure job but hopefully I could do gigs on the side.”