Humans of NGU: Seth Driskill, Creatively Impactful

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Trey Stewart, Staff Writer

Growing up in a household consisting of a loving mother and father, an adopted little sister from China, and himself, Seth Driskill has always been surrounded by plenty of loved ones and friends, which may have contributed to his inspirational and emotionally in-touch mindset.

Ever since the start of his life, Driskill has appreciated the most intricate and intriguing fictional characters, stories, and ideas mankind has been able to concoct. The more time he spent admiring the visual storytelling and captivating screenplay from productions coming from the world around him, the more he began to develop creative ideas of his own.

“Most of my ideas and creativity came from when I was just a kid. I’d read books by C.S. Lewis and watch all of the Marvel Studios films and begin to form different universes and stories in my head,” says Driskill.

Eventually, as Driskill became older, the world and its immense opportunities began to open up far more than in his earlier days. The ideas kept coming, and for the first time in his life, the resources did as well.

Once Driskill was finally introduced to medicine for the ADHD that had been plaguing his attention span throughout his younger years, he finally managed to direct all of his energy towards penning his own creativity to paper, writing his first full-length novel, titled "Redeemers, Vol. 1."

“'Redeemers, Vol. 1' took me about a month to finish,” says Driskill. “The goal with that book was not only to create a story that people could relate to, but also to get my fictional universe started in order to set up future books.”

When reading anything from “The Master Series,” the series of books started and written by Driskill, the reader will likely notice the Christian themes found in each one. This draws back to Driskill taking inspiration from C.S. Lewis, who was a master at the art of inserting Christian undertones into otherwise secular storylines.

“When writing these books, I had in mind age groups all the way from middle-schoolers up to college students. I wanted these books (that are based off of heroes facing internal and external battles) to remind them that redemption in life is possible for anyone, and that working together to heal wounds is key,” he said.

So far the series has been a success, gaining a local following in the city of Greenville.

“I think the success of the series so far is based off how new it is. The writing style is fresh and the character dynamics are intriguing,” he said.

It’s safe to say that as long as Driskill keeps writing, people will keep reading. And the future looks bright for Driskill and his series, as he has already planned out the story arcs for the next 13 books.

Dedication to doing something you love is important in life, and few people embody that better than Seth Driskill.