Humans of NGU: Francesca Scott, Closeted Writer

Camille Hagerman, Contributing Writer

You may know Francesca Scott as the bubbly and friendly girl who plays the upright bass in the orchestra and ensemble, and works in the library. She is a 21-year-old junior music education major with a passion for performance and her dream is to be in a recording orchestra.

What you may not know about her is that she is a fiction writer and an aspiring author. She is passionate about books, reading and writing. Scott has been writing romantic medieval fiction since before she can remember and she could read and write well before entering kindergarten. She says, “I’m a total dork and I love fantasy. It usually stays in the realm of medieval fantasy, think like Lord of The Rings.”

Scott says she incorporates magic and romance into almost all of her stories. She even created a book, complete with tape binding, when she a small child called “91’s Adventures.” This story is about a pegacorn—a cross between a unicorn and a pegasus—and his band of misfit friends. “You know the girl in the classroom that loves horses? That was me and it still is. I love horses,” states Scott.

Scott is currently working on several different stories whenever she feels inspired and has the time between practices and classes. Although none of her works have been finished or published, that hasn’t slowed her down. Her goal for the latest piece she’s working on, which she says is her best story so far, is to have it published whenever she can finish it.

After graduating, Scott wants to get a job teaching music classes and private lessons while pursuing a graduate degree in performance. She is from Greenville, and now lives in Taylors. Next year, Scott hopes to graduate and go on to inspire people with her published works, while hopefully making a buck or two along the way.