"A Quiet Place" leaves theaters silent

Taylor Deaton, Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of unsplash.com

Photo courtesy of unsplash.com

John Krasinski stole our hearts with his iconic role as Jim Halpert in NBC’s The Office, but his new horror film, A Quiet Placeforever seals our love of him.

"A Quiet Placebreaks every horror stereotype and still manages to leave the audience in complete distress once it is over, as a proper horror film does.

Krasinski co-stars in the film with his wife, Emily Blunt. Krasinski and Blunt have outstanding chemistry, making the emotional aspect of the movie profound. Krasinski also directed the film, doing an excellent job of showcasing his extraordinary talent on and off of the big screen.

Since the release of "A Quiet Placeon April 6, the movie has grossed over $150 million worldwide. This is a significant amount for a horror film, especially one with such a unique plot.

"A Quiet Place" gives a very unusual plot for horror films. It is centered around a family (Krasinski and Blunt), who live in isolation with their children following an outer-worldly attack. The twist is that these creatures hunt humans solely by sound, forcing the family to live in almost complete silence. We follow along as they try to survive, seeing the changes made to accommodate their new way of life.

The aspect of silence also makes the viewing experience unlike any other movie seen in theaters. With very limited dialogue throughout the entire film, the silence inside of the movie theater is very noticeable, especially every time someone crunches on popcorn. Instead, subtitles are shown as the family uses sign-language to communicate with each other.

This silence in the theater mixed with the on-screen silence made the intensity of "A Quiet Place" all too real. It is a very action-packed movie. Every single loud noise had my heart racing, forcing me to slide further into my seat.

While the majority of the film is silent, there is still a little bit of dialogue. The words spoken between the family are very crucial to the plot of "A Quiet Place" and the entire film ties together in a smooth way leaving no room for any confusion.

The emotional aspect comes in the form of the family. Their love for each other is powerful, with twists that made everyone in my theater want to leave in tears. Krasinski’s acting talent is undeniable with the way he leads his family during devastating times.

Krasinski is forced to make many difficult decisions, but he never once fails to let his children know how safe they are, even in the midst of their forcibly adjusted lives.

"A Quiet Place" is a movie so intense that some parts were almost unwatchable due to the impending heart attack waiting to happen. It speaks for horror in a way never done before and could possibly be the start to a new generation of unique films headed for the movie industry.