Freshman flourish: Ashley Beach

Madison Giles, Staff Writer

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Ashley Beach is a freshman early education major at North Greenville University. She has grown up in Gaffney, S.C. her whole life. If you ask her to introduce herself, she will say, “I’m Ashley, from Gaffney.”

Beach's freshman year has been quite unexpected. Beach has made many friendships that will last a lifetime and has been experiencing the ups and downs of the college life.

Beach described her freshman year at NGU as “adventurous.” Beach said this year, she has been able to find herself more and walking with Christ more and more every day. Beach says that everyday is like an adventure, because she never knows what life on campus is going to throw at her.

Three of her favorite memories from her freshman year have been the eclipse, spring break and the President’s Ball. These events have helped to take her mind off stressful classes. She loves to stay busy and to always have something to do on or off campus.

Some of her favorite things to do off campus are dancing, shopping, working or going to the movies. When she’s not in class, you can usually find her in the stud or in her dorm.

A few fun facts about Beach are her allergies to chicken and tea. She is a vegetarian, so some of her favorite things to eat are grilled cheese and vegetables.

Beach is a fan of all things Disney and mermaids. Her favorite Disney movie is “The Little Mermaid.”

After college, Beach hopes to find a job teaching at a daycare center. She has always enjoyed teaching kids and watching them learn and grow.

Beach is excited to see what adventures are in store for this summer and next semester.