Enduring Easter memories and moments

Adam Kelly, Assistant Editor 

Courtesy of unsplash.com

Courtesy of unsplash.com

Easter is a time of celebration and recognition of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is the biggest time of year for churches to put on special events and make an impression on first-time guests.

A lot goes into celebrating the holiday, even outside of the church. Parents surprise their kids with Easter baskets full of gifts and hide eggs around the yard to be discovered by grabbing hands.

The festivities continue even after church, as families have their own traditions surrounding the pastel-themed day. Check out these students’ favorite moments and memories from their past Easters.

Senior, Hayden Harris said, “Our grandparents would host an Easter egg hunt every year. We would all have baskets and look for eggs around our house. There was a golden egg hidden somewhere and whoever found it was able to swap their basket with anyone else’s. [Because of this rule], I could swap with one of my cousin’s baskets if they had more eggs than me.”

Freshman, Naomi Schaff said, “My grandma used to put money in the eggs or write a number on every hard-boiled egg for us to find. The number on the egg [represented] how much money you received.”

Most memories from students centered around Easter egg hunts they had with their extended families.

“We used to have a special blue egg when we would have Easter egg hunts. It was always the [hardest to find] and whoever found it got to go out on a date with our dad. It would usually have money in it as well,” said sophomore, Mary Mahan.

Looking back on my childhood, my family never put on Easter egg hunts at our home. We would have an annual one at our church, and all of the kids participated. There were three, special eggs that had a number in them, indicating you were one of the winners. Each winner got a huge basket full of candy and toys, and I won one of them one year.

At home though, my parents would put Easter baskets at the bottom of the stairs for me and my sisters to find. It was always a joyous moment to run downstairs to see what was in them.

As we celebrate the return of Jesus Christ, it’s also a time to look back on memories we had with our family, celebrating the worldly activities that also stem from the holiday.