National Burrito Day

Madison Giles, Staff Writer

Graphic courtesy of Caleb Arnold.

Graphic courtesy of Caleb Arnold.

National Burrito Day is April 5, 2018.  You can make a burrito with anything you would like chicken, beef, bean, cheese and more. Here are four ways you can enjoy and celebrate National Burrito Day:

1.       Create your own burrito

Make a burrito with some of your favorite fill-ins or try some new ones to enjoy.

2.       Have a burrito party

Get all your friends together to try something new and make burritos together.

3.       Go to your favorite Mexican restaurant

Order your favorite burrito or a new one at your favorite Mexican restaurant.

4.       Find a new burrito recipe to try.

Use Google or Pinterest to find a new burrito recipe to try with all your favorite ingredients.

Have a tasty burrito by celebrating National Burrito Day. Try something new or have a fiesta with friends. Use these four fun ideas to enjoy National Burrito Day.