Memorable RA moments

Meghan Salinas, Associate Writer

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Oh, the joys of being a resident assistant (RA) at North Greenville University. The work orders that never seem to stop coming and the person residents turn to for all questions and answers. The RA of every hall is truly labeled as the “superhero” of the hall because of all of the spider and creature killing that comes along with the job description, even though it actually isn’t a part of the job description whatsoever. 

Seriously, if being a professional spider killer was a job I would definitely be pretty decent at that.

There’s nothing quite like being an RA. I’ve been able to build intentional relationships with my girls on my hall by visiting them weekly, writing letters to them, taking prayer requests, hosting special spa nights and by supporting my residents in whatever they are a part of.

These are some funny but memorable RA moments that our RA’s have experienced this year. Enjoy. 

“The RA of my hall last semester put her rubber car mats in the washer, and the rest was history.. for that washer.” -Anonymous 

“Some girls were attempting to cook something in a pressure cooker right above the smoke alarm and one thing led to another and the next thing you know the fire alarm goes off causing all of Roberson to evacuate at 7 a.m. You heard that right, 7 a.m.” -Rebecca Holmes

Some memorable moments for M’lyn McNeely, a resident coordinator (RC),  was when she hosted a special Easter egg hunt for her residents last year in Emery hall. I got to be a part of that event as well and it was truly a blessing to see the girls on my hall come together in fellowship.

As an RA, I was actually able to attend one of my residents, Lois Hade’s, performance in a senior one-act play that the theatre department put on. 

Being able to be a part of the resident assistant ministry has truly been a blessing that God has given me to be a part of. The RAA association allows RA’s to serve others while walking alongside our peers, just like Jesus and His disciples did.  

1 Samuel 12:24 (ESV) says, "Only fear the LORD and serve him faithfully with all your heart. For consider what great things he has done for you."