Saying goodbye with sentimentality

Adam Kelly, Assistant Editor

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With final exams coming upon us in the near future, it’s hard for most underclassman to stay focused on finishing the semester strong. Seniors, on the other hand, know the end is near and will do anything to reach the finish line. All it takes is hard work to walk across the stage and receive the piece of paper that holds four years of work (give or take). The year may be coming to an end, but it’s a new beginning for many.

After four years of staying up late writing papers and driving to Cook Out at midnight, there are many memories and moments to look back on. Every college student’s experience is different, but if handled correctly, can result in something amazing. Below are some of North Greenville University’s seniors’ favorite moments, memories and advice they want to give to underclassmen.

Criminal justice major, Kate Welkner’s favorite moment from college was “Waking up every morning and seeing the sunrise every fall. [Because] we’re in the mountains and I’m from the city, seeing the different colored trees was one of my favorite parts of these past few years.”

Interdisciplinary studies major with a concentration in education and communications, Taylor Osborne, said one of her favorite moments was, “The President’s ball we had a few weeks ago was a blast. It was the first formal the school has had, and I’m glad I was able to be a part of it. We danced until our feet hurt, and it was a blast.”

Broadcast media major, Connor Hash said, “When housemate, Kieffer Mendoza, put ramen in the microwave without water and smoked up the entire room.”

Other seniors couldn’t think of a favorite moment, but instead, gave advice to incoming freshman and underclassmen.

Christian worship and leadership major Hudson Tankersley gave some great words of wisdom. He said, “You never stop being a student. You’re always learning. You need to pick a reason to study other than making good grades because that will burn you out. Find some intrinsic motivation to learn because we will always be students.”

Student body president and business administration major, Kady Floyd added, “Get to know your professors and respect them. Kindness can get you somewhere when your grade is on the line. And if you have issues with something, stop complaining and do something about it.”

Studio art major, Will Paul McDonald put it simply, “Take in every moment that you have and take every opportunity you can get.”

Congratulations to the class of 2018. The Vision Online wishes everyone luck in all of their endeavors and hopes God speaks and moves through them. NGU’s graduation ceremony is on April, 28 at 10 a.m.