Class presidents were elected last week for the following 2018-2019 school year

Lauren Dibble, Staff Writer

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The North Greenville University student government presidential elections were held this past week and each of the five students who ran were unopposed.

Junior, Justin Teal, will be the student body president beginning in the fall 2018 semester, while freshman, Doug Meadows, will be the student body vice president. The junior class president will be Adam Kelly, the sophomore class president will be Zion Dendy and Jarred Miller will be the sophomore class vice president.

While each student has their own platform and projects they hope to work on, they will all work together to decide which issues are most important and which can wait before being addressed. Teal will be in charge of delegating projects to the other class presidents to work on. He stated that he “would love to improve the quality of life for the students here on campus.”

In regard to what tasks will be dealt with first, Meadows said, “Our first task is to reform the constitution for the student government to make everything more transparent so the students know what’s going on and to make things more streamlined and efficient.” He explained that he also wants to work on improving the school’s WiFi network and work with the Student Life department to set up more activities for students who stay on campus during weekends.

Kelly wants to continue working with Campus Enhancement in the following school year. “We've made a lot of progress this year with lights at the 3-way stop near the general store as well as more sidewalks around campus for students to safely cross streets. Seeing the progress we've made this year has definitely encouraged me to see what else we can do in the next few years,” the elected junior class president said.

Hoping to see more involvement from the current freshman class, Dendy wants to use his platform to get more students in his year to participate in intramurals. He wants to see the class of 2021 better represented in activities such as the annual powderpuff competition.

Dendy will also be working to get recycling bins around campus. “It’s kind of sad that we have trash cans, but no recycling bins for the loads of paper and cardboard students use every day,” Dendy said.

Kelly believes that it is important for every school to have a student government group regardless of how much attention it gets. He went on to state that “we [class presidents] are the ambassadors for students that want change and we strive to make a difference in their lives by raising awareness with our service projects.”