Hottest jobs for each career path

Jazmyne Boozer, Assistant Editor

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With graduation right around the corner, many seniors are experiencing an influx of emotions. From excitement and relief, to fear and anxiety; graduation is not for the faint of heart. Nevertheless, with less than 20 days, whether you want it to or not, graduation is coming. As most can agree, the source of most seniors' fear is finding a job. We all want our countless hours of studying, crying, test-taking and our college bucks to pay off for us.  

College of Fine Arts

For the college of Fine Arts, life can be a bit more abstract. There are many jobs for music majors. One can write soundtracks for movies, become an accompanist, become an audio engineer or become a chamber musician. The key to a music major is being creative with your degree. Perhaps even going to grad school to enhance your B.A. in music can help you become even more diverse in your career possibilities.  

Jackie Griffin, dean of the College of Fine Arts states, "The most popular music jobs are in music education. Our graduates have been very successfully placed as band directors, choral directors, and elementary music school teachers."  

For those wanting to pursue other career paths, freelancing as a music educator or giving lessons is also a quick and easy way to making money on the side. It is also a rewarding experience.  

College of Education 

Of course, it goes without saying that the “hottest job opportunites” for education majors is teaching. But there are many ways to diversifying your education degree. With more schooling one can become a principal, a superintendent, a guidance counselor; the possibilities are endless. 

Also, South Carolina is expecting a drastic shortage of teachers from 2016-2028. While this may be bad news for the state, this is an excellent time to be an education major. South Carolina is ranked 29th in student-teacher ration and income growth potential.  Students planning on teaching science, social studies, or math are most needed. In fact, in the year 2021 there is expected to be over 500 job openings in sciences. For those graduating this year, there are approximately 20 job openings for art, 10 for business/marketing, 76 for mathematics, 89 for sciences, 74 for social studies, 116 for special educations, and 23 for Spanish. These are projected to drastically increase by the year 2021.  

College of Humanities 

North Greenville College of Humanities hosts many different majors. From political science and English, to Spanish and History, the college of humanities is extremely diverse. For those with the patented history degree, the hottest career fields are social studies teachers. 

“There is great fear of a shortage of teachers for next year,” Paul Thompson, dean of the college of humanities stated. “South Carolina schools are about to have a large wave of retirements this year.” 

Those with an English degree often find careers in marketing and editing. This can range anywhere from digital signage positions, to managing and editing for a news or TV station. English majors can also often find positions in TESOL programs. 

Those with political science degrees often go on to grad-school to enhance their education. But there is still plenty to do with a B.A. in political science. The most popular jobs for political science majors are policy analyst, public relations specialist or political consulting. 

College of Christian Studies  

Most students are aware that their Christian studies degree works in a mostly linear fashion. Much like education majors, their career path is clearly spelled out for them. With this degree it is more about finding one's specialty rather than branch.  

Walter Johnson, dean of college of Christian studies states, "Most of our majors move into the pastorate, youth ministry, or missions [fields]." 

Those that graduate with a Christian studies degree can also look into becoming a chaplain for various organizations from working in prisons to the military. Christian studies majors can also do social work or counsel.  

College of Communication

Almost every company hires a communicator. In most corporate companies, there is an entire communications department. Those few but talented communications majors often find jobs in broadcast news or radio stations. From writing to camera operations, there is and always will be a vast need of communicators.  

The hottest jobs for those who graduate with a communications degree are public relations, marketing and advertising, or journalism. Those with an emphasis in writing often become editors for magazines, writers for news or broadcast television. One extremely common yet unconventional job for writers is technical writing. A technical writer can write things for doctors' pamphlets, directions for building a contraption, how-to guides and the like.  

College of Business and Sport Professions

Graduating with a business degree or sport management degree covers a lot of bases. With a degree in business one can basically be put anywhere. For business admin students, a great career path to follow may be in logistics.  

"The hottest jobs that I read about within business administration fall within the area of logistics," Steven Holcombe, chair of the business administration department states. "Logistics is that area of operation management that is responsible for obtaining all inventory for resale and all raw materials needed for production, and then shipment of the final product." 

Business Administration students may also find jobs in information technology as it is expected to be losing a number of people in the coming years. 

College of Science and Math

Often those with a science or math degree go on to grad school. With the addition of a Master's degree, most math majors become engineers. This being stated, having your B.A. in math opens up an array of opportunities. Those with a math degree can go into accounting, statistics, financial planning or economics. Math majors who find themselves taking an interest in computers can also become cryptographers. These men and women are responsible for creating codes and algorithms to help protect sensitive data. With our world becoming more and more virtual, cryptographers are in high demand.  

Science majors often follow the trend of going to grad-school. Most biology majors become doctors with an emphasis in their desired field of operation. Although most bio majors follow this track, the hottest job openings for bio majors are opticians, research scientists and staff scientists in laboratories.