Get to know Trey Elder: NGU Offensive Coordinator and Quarterback Coach

trey elder.png

Madi Estela, Contributing Writer

"Obviously we want to win. . . [but] I see it as a way to really use the platform of football to teach young men to be grown men by creating daily habits; taking pride in your work; being a guy that can be counted on in every situation,” says Trey Elder, our new offensive coordinator and quarterback coach.


Born and raised in the upstate, Elder served two seasons at Appalachian State,  two seasons at Western Carolina University and recently four years at Woodruff High school. All of these experiences built on his coach experience, but Elder explained Woodruff was were, "I had to prove to myself that I could call plays and could lead a program. . . it grew me tremendously as a coach."

Elder says, he is now ready to make the hard calls and help our young men grow not only in athletics but in the life skills they will need after college. 

The community Elder and the offensive coordinators have created is where self-discipline and courage can grow. There is an emphasis on fellowship and push from every team member to improve their skills on the field and in the classroom. They also have FCA and small groups to keep them accountable mentally and spiritually.

Elder described his goal, simply as, "turn[ing] boys into men."


Elder also admitted that the atmosphere on our football team was a perfect match for his style of coaching. Elder said, "My faith is important for me. I would rather lose my job, than not stand up for my faith. [NGU] is an atmosphere I'm used to."

On the more personal level, Elder met his wife, Kelsea Elder, in February of last year and they married in July. Elder says, "She knew the first time we met and I knew the second time we met." Now they are celebrating 9 months of marriage and they have known each other for a little over a year.

Welcome to the family coach.