Freshmen Impressions

Meghan Salinas, Assistant Editor

Students attending North Greenville University are knees deep in stress that comes with homework, first tests and projects while adjusting to another year in Tigerville, South Carolina. Upperclassmen, do you ever take a stroll down memory lane and think about your freshman orientation experience? Everything in between from the parent and student “big hug” during orientation weekend to experiences at NGU’s first home football game last Saturday.

Angel Kelly, a freshman music education major said, “The biggest lesson I’ve learned since starting college three weeks ago was how open and welcoming the people are on campus and that wasn’t something that I was used to coming into this year.” She has really loved getting to know her roommate and her family as well. Kelly is involved in NGU’s marching band and concert band and her favorite music professor is Dr. Washington.

 Kelly has enjoyed going to chapel twice a week and said, “Being so close to my chapel buddy has definitely taken some getting used to because of how close we are in the seats.”

Kelly has loved attending Baptist Collegiate Ministries (BCM) and appreciates the new BCM director, Joshua Gilmore and how emotional and transparent he becomes as he brings the Word and the lesson every Thursday.

For Shaniya Bridges, a freshman exercise science major, her biggest lesson that she has had to learn was understanding how hard it can be to meet new people that are different from you. While Bridges is still adjusting to college life she shared, “I have gained life-long friends like my suite mates and my wonderful roommate.”

Bridges enjoys going to the movies, eating at restaurants with her friends and has been able to work out at Planet Fitness with a girl on her hall as well.  One of Bridge’s favorite professors is Mrs. Batson who teaches FYE for the sciences.

Hannah Pederson, a freshman music major said, “Being social isn’t as hard as I had once thought.” As Pederson calls herself an introvert, she said that she’s already made life-long friends on the hall and in her major. She is enjoying dorm life and really appreciates the professors and how they care about her education. Pederson also said that she loves how her professors are able to incorporate the way they teach with the gospel.

Kara Hayes, freshman English secondary education major said, “My favorite event so far this semester would definitely be freshmen night out (F-NO) because I was able to make a complete fool of myself in front of Downtown Greenville. I had to walk up to a random family I didn’t know as they were having dinner and eat with them which was a blast.” She said that FNO was a great fellowship opportunity and recommends all incoming freshman next year to attend this event.

Hayes enjoys eating at Waffle House and Cookout off campus with her suite mates and roommate. With a creative and adventurous spirit Hayes said, “Last weekend my roommate and I wanted to go to Pretty Place for an adventure but sadly there was a wedding taking place so we had to turn around. It was still great to bond with my best friend though.”

Photo Courtesy: Meghan Salinas