The Turnip

Taylor Loughry, Staff Writer

Have you ever stumbled across a headline that seemed too crazy to be true? Have you ever overlooked a news story because you assumed the title was a scam? With the constant flow of news stories and interesting headlines each day in our fast-paced society, we sometimes skip right over articles that make us question, is this really news? Here are a few news stories that will make you take a second look.

“Rest In Peace To The Former Dog Mayor Of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky”

Rabbit Hash, KY is a small community who elects dogs as mayors. Lucy Lou, a Border Collie, was the first female dog to hold this position as mayor, and she served for eight years. Her unfortunate death at the age of 12 left many feeling very sad. Lucy Lou touched a lot of lives in that community, and she will be greatly missed.

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“Man Being Pursued By Baby Squirrel Calls Police For Help”

A man in Germany called the cops because he felt in danger when a baby squirrel was following him around. When the cops arrived, the squirrel laid down and went right to sleep. Turns out, the baby squirrel had lost her mother and was looking for a replacement. The squirrel, originally named Karl-Friedrich, was thought to be male, but later found to be female and was renamed Pippilotta. The squirrel was taken to an animal rescue center and is preparing to go back into the wild.

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“Thieves snatch shark from San Antonio Aquarium, wheel it out in a baby carriage”

A 16-inch shark named Miss Helen was stolen from the San Antonio Aquarium by three people who escaped that day in a red pickup truck. This group brought their own net to smuggle the shark and placed her in a baby carriage to go unnoticed. The security cameras caught these three suspects, and two of them have since confessed to their crime. One of the suspects knew a lot about the shark and how to care for her, so Miss Helen is alive and well. She has also now been returned to the aquarium.

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“Striking a sour note: California man arrested with 800 pounds of stolen lemons, cops say”

A man named Dionicio Fierros stole 800 pounds of lemons from a farm in Riverside, CA. These lemons were freshly picked and hauled into Fierros’s vehicle. This man was spotted during a traffic stop with these lemons just southeast of Palm Springs in Thermal. Fierros was taken into custody and then later arrested for theft.

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“Man buys Slim Jims for his dog, lottery ticket, wins $10M”

Dave Farrand won the lottery because he decided to stop by a convenience store in New York to buy his dog named Boots some Slim Jims as a snack. Farrand picked up a $30 lottery ticket as well, and when he scratched the ticket in his car, he realized he was a winner. He will receive $6.7 million of the $10 million prize, and this 73-year-old is going to use this money to do some good for himself and his family. He wants to pay off his mortgage, pay for home improvements and aid his children and grandchildren.

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