"Living With a Fire" album is a flaming success

Shelby Butler, Staff Writer

Image From Pexels by Vishnu R. Nair

Image From Pexels by Vishnu R. Nair

When it comes to finding the latest hits to listen to in Christian music, Jesus Culture, an American international group, is a great option. North Greenville University students can head over to Spotify, Youtube or iTunes to listen to their newest album, Living With A Fire, which came out just two weeks ago.

Since 1999 when Jesus Culture was founded while starting in 2005, they released their first album. They have made well over 20 solo artist albums since then but have continued to produce together as well. Keeping a band together for more than 20 years is pretty uncommon but they have been able to do it. The newest album was recorded as a group and just because they have gotten older doesn’t mean the music has. Their music is fresh and hot off of the mic ready for everyone to hear.

The album consists of 14 powerful songs that are sure to get you in the spirits, even on a Monday morning before classes. The passion and love that they have for the Lord is shown through their songs and specifically “Freedom” which is sang by Kim Walker-Smith. In the album description on Jesus Culture’s website it says,

“It is a strong anthem that inspires us to run to Jesus just as we are and dance in the freedom that he has given us! The heart of Jesus Culture has always been not just to sing songs, but to encounter God and see lives changed through those encounters.”

CCCMagazine rates the album as four out of five stars and recommends it for those who are also fans of Hillsong United and Planetshakers. Mark Geil, writer for the review, talks about how the songs, though some are similar to releases from other artists, are “insightful and refreshing.”

This album is around 100 minutes and the live music is breathtaking but Geil has other words for it. He believes that a few of the songs definitely need the time that they were given but others like “Center of Your Love” carries on for five minutes too many. This is an opinion from just one person so you may think differently than he did but other than that slight criticism, Geil says that this is a strong offering from Jesus Culture, with quality songs from deceleration and dependance.

Along with some of their older songs, the newest album is blasting all throughout stadiums in the U.S. and the tickets are selling fast! Sadly there are not any shows in South Carolina but if you have a night you can spare to take a road trip they have some upcoming shows in October you do not want to miss.