Humans of NGU: Mary Margaret Ellison

Joshua Boulet, Staff Writer

Image Courtesy of Mary Margaret Ellison

Image Courtesy of Mary Margaret Ellison

Mary Margaret Ellison is an ambitious student who has always worked with student government, and now she has been elected Freshman Class President.

Ellison is just like anyone else. She was raised in Easley, SC, went to public school, and got involved in many school related activities. In the 5th grade, Ellison started getting involved in student government. From that point forward, she continued to participate in student government.

Around that time, she also got involved in playing school basketball and continued playing the sport for 14 years. She ran cross country for three years while simultaneously playing basketball and participating in student government. Unfortunately, she didn’t end up enjoying cross country much and mainly used it as a way to train to be better at basketball.

Ellison’s prior experience in student government were based on the expectations of her peers. She would often get tasks to do for the school. Her school would explain different things to be done, and she would help out here and there or help organize an event for the students.

At North Greenville University, Ellison decided to major in broadcast media. In the future, she hopes to get into the sports broadcasting industry.

Sports broadcasting wasn’t all that was on her mind though. She heard about the freshman class president and wanted to get involved as always. Ellison began campaigning for freshman class president with her running mate Mallory Baxley.

The process wasn’t easy, though. While the last president was elected because there was no running mate, Ellison had to make sure to promote herself even more than her opponent.

After a few posters, some free candy and a bunch of money spent on pushing her campaign, Ellison was ready to surpass her opponent.

Election day came and went, and her votes surpassed those of her opponent.

Surprisingly, her running mate actually lost to the opposition’s running mate, so Ellison adjusted to having a vice president she didn’t know.

Currently, Ellison is working with others in the student government to adjust certain student policies such as visitation between male and female dorms.