Picking the best of the newest iPhones of 2018

Shelby Butler, Staff Writer

Image From Pixels By Jess Watters

Image From Pixels By Jess Watters

Apple is known for coming out with exciting products like phones, tablets and computers since they were founded in 1976, but the technology is keeping everyone on their toes as the advancements continue to come.

Recently, Apple has come out with the iPhone Xs and though there are a few new changes, many people were disappointed to see that the Xs and 2017’s X were very similar.

Along with the Xs, Apple announced that they were coming out with a cheaper, more colorful version of the iPhone. CNBC released an article with tech specs and showed why the phones are less expensive and possibly the better deal compared to other iPhones ranging well over a thousand dollars.

North Greenville University students can head over to the nearest Apple Store and pick out one of the newest phones, but before making your decision, there are a few things to consider.

When choosing out of the three newest phones, one thing to think about is the size of the phone. Depending on if you like having a small tablet as your phone or something compact, the way these are sized often depends on how nice the screen looks, the graphics and the amount of space you have on the screen.

With the new Wide Color Display technology, all the the phones are good quality, but having that quality combined with a larger screen can increase the worth of the phone.

Color is also something that everyone is buzzing about considering the Xs came in a new gold color and the Xr came in six colors, which are similar to the iPhoneC, which came out in 2013. All of these colors spread throughout the wide glass screen, illuminating the brightest images on a phone that Apple has ever produced. You have the option of choosing red, gold, white, pink, black and dark blue!

Finally something that is brand new and has these phones standing out in front of past phones is the storage amount! This is personally one of biggest excitements the Vision Media Staff has heard floating around campus because these phones storage bases are off the walls. In 2017 when the iPhone 8 was released and Apple made it to where 256 gigabytes of pictures, apps or anything your heart desires, people went nuts but this is even bigger.

The iPhone Xs and Xr now have the biggest storage space in iPhone Apple history, 512 gigabytes. Are you one of those people who run out of storage like crazy? If so, this is the phone for you. Although, some are unsure if this much storage on a phone will reduce quality of the phone. Recent rumors on many review websites have talked about how this much power on a phone could cause shortages faster and this may cause this phone to be a hit or miss.

Also, a warning for all current Apple users, if you’ve noticed that your iPhone has gotten slower following the release of the new phones, that’s because the IOS systems in iPhones can only have so many updates, which is basically a way to make it to where you need a new phone every few years.

So, if you are looking into investing in a new Apple iPhone, make sure to consider what you are investing into, though the phones may seem new and flashy, deep down there are a few downsides that you should investigate to fully know what you’re getting yourself into.