Seeking all struggling college students

Vivian Wortkoetter, Staff Writer

Some college students are already struggling out there, including me. Check out these posts from students that anyone in college can relate to.


Here’s a few words of advice when it comes to stressing over school.

  1. Pray before, during and after you’re overwhelmed. It will give you peace and comfort in every situation.

  2. Get your priorities in order! Make sure you’re doing your work that’s due first.

3. Keep things organized. Nothing is more stressful than having everything out of order and out of control.

4. Study with friends! It makes studying more fun and more doable.

5. Have a snack and some water with you. There’s never a better excuse than to not do homework because you’re hungry or thirsty. You’ll go get food then not get back to your work for another two hours, when in that two hours, you could’ve gotten a lot accomplished.

6. Don’t struggle alone. If you’re truly getting anxious from the stress of school, life and work, don’t be afraid to vent to someone. Don’t hold it all in.

7. Last but not least, be kind to yourself. Don’t push yourself over the edge. You know how much you can truly handle at a given moment. Don’t overdo it.