Throwback trends to fall for

Ariona Imel, Staff Writer

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Throughout the years, fashion trends come and go. Styles from the past make a comeback and everyone is loving them. We go through so many styles that are “in” and then when they become “out of style” we move on to the next look. Looking at the fashion trends now we see a lot of 90s looks, and people are going crazy over it.

Scrunchies have made their way back. You’ll see girls wearing them in high pony tails or just wearing them on their wrists. High waisted mom jeans have made their way in and out of style. You’ll find in most stores they have a variety of mom jeans, whether ripped, bleached or distressed.

Another style is plaid, and it is huge right now. You’ll see plaid dresses, flare pants and flannel shirts. This is a style that girls and guys are into and most do. They’ll wear plaid button downs, plaid skirts or pants.

Denim skirts are so in, they slowly started coming back in during the summer. These skirts work with any age or body size and they have so many different looks.

Oversized shirts are also coming back. It used to be that everyone was wearing skin tight and if you wore anything loose you weren’t “in style.” Now loose shirts are being worn with anything, leggings, jeans, shorts, bike shorts and dresses.

The famous bell bottoms are back in. Bell Bottoms made their way back in around the holidays, but the trend didn’t set until September. Two-piece printed sets are here too. There are several different looks for the two-piece look, floral, shapes, stripes and tie dye.

Denim overalls, denim dresses and denim jackets are also back in. Denim has always been big, denim has never actually gone “out of style” denim has gone through some many different looks that come and go.