Delicious Meals: Dorm Style


Picture this: after a long, tiring day of classes, you trudge across campus up and down many hills -- the only obstacles standing in your way of getting a hot, hearty meal from the cafeteria. But alas, it is one minute past closing time. You could grab pizza from Papa Johns, but you’ve used all but $.23 of your crusader bucks on Chick-fil-a milkshakes and your growling belly suggests that the nearest restaurant is too far away. Being the inventive, frugal college student that you are, you decide to come up with something to cook in your room… but what? Here are four ways to make delicious meals with the resources available in a college dorm.

Mac and Cheese in a Mug

Macaroni and cheese is usually a winner no matter what age a person is, but it’s even better when it’s easy to make. To make this dish, only noodles, water, butter and cheese is required. These are ingredients that could easily be stored, even in a small room. Heat the water and noodles in the microwave until the noodles are soft, then add butter and cheese – it’s as simple as that.

Omelet in a Mug

Who says eggs have to be cooked on a stove top? Crack an egg or two into a coffee mug and pop in into the microwave until it suits your taste. Add salt and pepper, or add other

ingredients like spinach, cheese, or tomatoes. This recipe is especially quick and can be a healthy meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Crab cakes

This is a fun and a little more fancy dish to make in a dorm setting. More ingredients and steps are required for this recipe: combine and mayonnaise, an egg, mustard, crab meat, canola oil and any type of breading. A skillet on a hot plate is the best method for cooking this dish. Cook on each side for 10-12 minutes. Jazmyne Boozer, a student at North Greenville says, “It’s like a special occasion type of thing”. Or an option if the cafeteria and Chick-fil-a don’t seem too satisfying. Boozer explained how she loves to make this dish at home. This is a meal that will take a little longer than the others, but it might be considered the most impressive out of the four.

Cookie dessert

Occasionally, dessert for supper is a must. For this treat, microwave frozen cookie dough in a mug or a glass bowl. This can work with any frozen cookie dough. Cook until it looks right to you, then add a scoop of ice cream on top, followed by any toppings that you might want to add. This is a simple recipe that will satisfy your sweet tooth in a matter of minutes.

These recipes may come in handy after that long day of classes that leave you with the only option of eating a meal outside the cafeteria. Residents at North Greenville University like

Boozer sure have caught-on. Students, it’s time to put down the crusader bucks and plug in the microwave for a dorm-cooked meal you won’t forget.