The Turnip: News so Real it Sounds Fake

Meghan Salinas, Graphic Design Editor

Occasionally, news stories cross our news feed that are strange or absolutely ridiculous. We think to ourselves, “No, this can’t be true. How on earth can something as hysterical as this be real?” You may think that this these articles are click-bait or fake news, but no, these stories are as real as ever. So, enjoy this, because these stories are going to blow your mind. 

photo courtesy: The Vision Online

photo courtesy: The Vision Online

Popular Sumatran Tiger Melati Killed by Intended Mate At London Zoo

The London Zoo fan favorite lion, Melati, 10, was fatally mauled to death when she was introduced to her mate, Asim. The two ferocious beasts had spent two days within sight of each other in separate enclosures so they could get used to one another. There we positive signs between the two cats, so the zookeepers believed the time was right to introduce the animals.

Well, the zookeepers were wrong. Although the initial meeting was good, the two cats quickly became extremely aggressive. 

One odd fact about Sumatran tigers is that they are critically endangered and only 300 are believed to be living in the wild right now.

Dunkin’ lovers tie the knot in Las Vegas with doughnut bouquets

Who would have thought that tying the knot could be sweeter? In a Las Vegas chapel, two lovebirds renewed their vows alongside of their favorite glazed delicacies. The chapel was Dunkin’-themed with decorations and an Elvis impersonator officiated the couple tying in doughnut and coffee references during the vows. 

 The Elvis impersonator said, “During this ceremony we don’t say “I Do,” we say “I Dough,” to Jason and Erin Roberts, who were renewing their vows.

How adough-able.

Delta hands out napkins encouraging passengers to flirt, give out phone numbers

 “Be a little old school, write down your number and give it to your plane crush, you never know…”

Delta passengers were creeped out by Diet Coke’s choice of napkins. Both companies were forced to apologize for encouraging that people pass on their phone numbers to strangers. Passengers commented that this idea was “outrageous”, and “unintentionally creepy and unprofessional.” 

Mini horse walks runway at New York Fashion Week, makes history

Saddle up, because this news article is about to make you feel as warm as chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven. All eyes were on Midge, a 25-inch-tall, and 125 pound horse during the New York Pet Fashion Show Thursday evening. This horse made history as she arrived to the venue via SUV and sported a red and white cape and matching mask. 

And yeah, I’m not horsing around.