5 Things required for a perfect movie night

Eric Guinn, staff writer

Photo Courtesy: Unsplash.com

Photo Courtesy: Unsplash.com

Have you ever had a movie night go horribly wrong because of the lack of needed essentials and poor planning? Ever had a Netflix binge-session get boring and feel like it’s dragging on? Well here are 5 tips to help you execute the perfect movie night.

1) Make sure that you have a comfortable space for you and your guests to comfortably watch the movie. This includes making your television the focal point of the room and aligning your furniture accordingly.

2) Provide snacks and drinks. Don’t be that “B.Y.O.” host, especially if you volunteered to host or if movie night was originally your idea. If you do this, you more than likely will not need to look at this article again because you’re probably not hosting movie night again. EVER.

3) Clean your movie night space before your guests arrive. Yes, this includes the bathroom too. And the excuse, “well its going to get dirty anyways” is not plausible when in regards to sanitation. Also, please, for the love of all things pure, use Febreeze.

4) Be welcome, open and optimistic towards guest. No one likes a host that complains about everything someone does. Also don’t make your guest feel bad if they drop food or spill a drink. Yes, it sucks to have Mountain Dew in your carpet, but it’s even worse to be the pessimistic, clean freak who gives everyone anxiety.

5) Finally, and most importantly, find a movie that everyone can enjoy. Unless you are watching it with your Dungeons and Dragons club, no, absolutely no “Lord of the Rings.” Same goes for “Star Wars.” Both movies are long. Also, do not pick a movie that will make anyone uncomfortable intentionally. This includes movies that have double meanings or hidden meanings. Rule of thumb, if it takes a 30-minute YouTube video to explain the message of the movie, don’t pick that movie.

Hosting a movie night is no easy task and its not something to be taken lightly, however, if you are brave enough to accept this task keep these 5 tips in mind and you are guaranteed to have a successful movie night.