Do's and Don’ts on a First Date

Vivian Wortkoetter, Staff Writer


We all will go or have gone through a first date experience. How well did it go? Here are a few things to do and not to do on a first date.


  1. Ask general ‘get-to-know’ questions

  2. Pay attention to them - be attentive

  3. Be yourself, but remember to be aware of the situation

  4. Take things SLOW

  5. Let them speak when you ask a question - make sure to not interrupt the person

  6. Look good - don’t look out of occasion - dress accordingly


  1. Talk about an ex or how it feels being single

  2. Touch - don’t hold their hand or anything yet

  3. Rush - don’t rush out of the date nor the relationship itself

  4. Use the restroom - go before or after the date

  5. Be an attention-seeker

  6. Let it be a long date - keep in mind that it’s a first date and there’s no need to be with the person all day long just to get to know them

  7. Be gross - be considerate and have manners

  8. Use the phone - keep the phones AWAY