Parris Bridge New EP Release, "Dreams"

Alec Harris, Associate Writer

Picture courtesy of Pixabay

Picture courtesy of Pixabay

Scott Beardsley, Senior, and his band Parris Bridge just released a new EP entitled “Dreams.” It consists of five songs, “By My Side,” “Letdown,” “I’m Doing Fine (Not so Much),” “Expectations” and “Bathtub.” The inspiration for this EP goes back to the childhood influences and present circumstances of the band members. Parris Bridge is composed of five musicians; Josh Bishop the lead guitarist, Christian Tucker on drums, Dylan Fipps the rhythm guitarist, Andrew Doolittle the bassist and Scott Beardsley on vocals.

Beardsley has been a singer from childhood. “There was never really another option,” Beardsley stated. Everyone in his life knew from a very young age that he would be a singer. It has been something God gifted him with that progressed as he has gotten older. Beardsley is also, currently, the worship leader at Seacoast Church Greenville.

The idea for the band Parris Bridge came from four friends who used to be at the same church and are all involved with worship teams. The idea to actually make a band came in February 2018. In June 2018 the band dropped their first single, “Ghost Stories.” Parris Bridge started out as a passion project formed from the influences of Beardsley and the other band members. The punk genre is something Beardsley always wanted to be involved with. For its members, this band is an opportunity to use one of the darkest areas of music, punk, to point people to Christ. When the EP dropped, the realization hit that this could be more.

The actual inspiration for the individual songs come from life situations of the band members. Beardsley wrote the song “I’m Doing Fine (Not so Much)” about the fact that, “Sometimes life just sucks man.”

Another one of the songs “Bathtub” is a very raw song about the presence and effects of depression and suicidal thoughts. The band hopes to be able to use the songs to relate to listeners and use that open door to present the Gospel.

Beardsley described Parris Bridge as being, “genuinely talented musicians that have a shot.” Although there are no plans for the members to quit their jobs and pursue the band full time, it has taken a much higher place on their list of priorities and is taken seriously.

Parris Bridge has a show along with the bands Awake At Last and The Funeral Portrait at The New Brookland Tavern in West Columbia on Feb. 14, 2019. On Feb. 21 they have an EP release show at The Radio Room in Greenville.